Saturday, June 28, 2014

TOGETHER WE CAN: Dar es Salaam hosts first SADC Gender Protocol Summit  Maternal Health project by CSSC became an overall winner Country and Regional wise By Gladness Hemedi Munuo Gender Links (GL) in Collaboration with Gender and Media Southern Africa Tanzania Network (GEMSAT) on March 27, 2013 hosted the first ever SADC Gender Protocol Summit at Dar es Salaam’s Blue Pearl Hotel in Tanzania. This Summit sought to comment and encourage local level initatives towards achieving the 28 targets of the SADC Gender and Development Protocol, which Tanzania has recentlry ratified. In her opening remarks, Deputy Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children, Ummy Mwalimu said that the Tanzania government aligns itself with SADC Gender and Development Protocol to achieve gender equality. Mwalimu assured stakeholders and participants that government will work closely with the media and civil society to promote gender equality in the country because ‘togethe we can’. The summit accompanied together with the provision of different Awards to various entrants to recognise the efforts made by organisations, media houses and journalists to push the gender agenda and create awareness about women’s issues and gender equality. With light blue sweater she is speaking with the community is Ms. Rache Mkunduai, a Public Relation Officer with CSSC trying to educated people on what is ‘Kangaroo Style’ and its advantages. As per this information, GEMSAT member of the Board congatulate Ms. Rachel Mkundai, Public Relations Officer of Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) was commended and awarded in country and SADC Regional wise for the organisations contribution towards the achievement of gender equality through reproductive and maternal health “I am happy to have worked with GEMSAT and other organisations” she said so. A mother delivered premature in a Kangaroo Style of carering at one of the Health Center after CSSC introduced the practice.(All photos by CSSC) Rachel presented on a success story on how they educat3 majority rural area on how to care on premature babies by using ‘Kangaroo style’ and its success in most parties they intriduced in Tanzania. Therefore, CSSC has done such a recommendable job on that. All in all, the summit intends to mobilise media houses, journalists and civil society to unite and fight for gender equality. GL with GEMSAT is currently working with ten media houses in Tanzania, who have committed to mainstreaming gender in institutional practices and content. The summit awards rewarded journalists and media organisations who are at the forefront of gender reporting.

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