Friday, February 6, 2009


Editors from various media houses including printing and electronic media in Dar es Salaam attended a five days training on Journalism in the age of Internet from 2 to 6 February, 2009.

Internet Training was being taught by the veteran journalist from Finland Mr. Peik Johansson, he also completed the same training to the other two batches here in Dar es Salaam.

In Tanzania, learning about internet journalism is a new subject because it is not taught practically in most of the journalism colleges except for Tumaini University file:// whereby most of the products/candidates are not practising journalism per se but they rely on Public Relations Officers.

Making of Blogs is a major component of this training which all participants were joyful to know the steps of making their own blogs. In making these major achievements Mr. Peik was assisted by the veteran blogger Mr.Majid Mjengwa (

Being a participant to this course, I am happy that, now I will be able to circulate my information by creating my own blog and

In this training I came to understand that Google is a search engine which is a solution to everything. In brief every information you are looking for as a researcher, journalist, trainer etc can be easily obtained by searching from the Google.

I master on how to create a blog, posting of text and pictures as well. But also I need more training on link option, as you can read from my text you will see that I need more training on that, but am sure I will get it from one of my colleagues.

Briefly I would like to sum up by saying that big up to Vikes Foundation for providing this important scholarship and bravo MISA-TAN for the good supervision and organisation as well. My advice is that, there are so many veteran journalists in up-countries, VIKES foundation and other funders could think on that as well.


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