Tuesday, February 3, 2009



On 26th January, 2009 I received an invitation letter from the Media Institute of Southern Africa Tanzania Chapter (MISA-TAN), requesting me to attend an Internet Workshop for Editors and Trainers at Global Development Learning Center from 2nd to 6th February, 2009.

Being a trainer , free lance journalist and gender activist I found that this training is very vital for me with my daily activities as a Country Facilitator for Gender and Media in Southern Africa Tanzania Chapter (GEMSAT) and a trainer, most of the activities we do they involve IT.

My duty as trainer for various projects within Media Houses and being a country facilitator, we use IT for communication and even meeting through Cyber Dialogue.
Today’s lecture as a first day, to me it seems time is too short. I could not imagine that Internet can save for so many things around us. Such as Knowing about travelling, current issues, etc. To me it is an added value. I will apply all these to my facilitating.

Bravo to VIKES foundation, I would advise to provide more training to the journalists who are in up countries. It is my great hope that this will be done.

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