Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In a third day of my study on Internet facility in relation to journalism, personally I found very interesting. The theme of the day was ‘Internet in everyday Journalism’.

I am very interested with the way internet can simplify journalistic job. It does not matter whether you are an employed Journalist or unemployed so long as you have all the necessary facility it is easy to get all the news on that particular day or even what they call archive news.

As a professional journalist you are needed to have in mind or in a diary all website which create news to readers or where you can read news. For example, news from various media houses from your country, regional or continent as well as in the world.

The good thing of the internet is that, you will not take too much time when you want to read or view various information from various sources. This is interesting. My self I prefer to view on Free Media website This website structure is very simple. You can see the highlights headlines on top, so if you want the details you just click from the highlights headline only.

Unfortunately, each media house has its own website structure or appearance, what I learnt from today’s lesson is that, some website from the media houses are not easy to follow the written stories, such as

Also, today I learnt that, some are very famous newspapers here in Tanzania yet they are not seen the useful of the website may be they want to rise up sells of their newspapers through hardcopies only.

From this media house websites, for Tanzania I found commercial adverts are not appeared in the website. I think they have some very strong reasons on that, I do not know, wish I remember and ask this to Mr. Peik.

The most interesting part of today’s lesson is about so many languages from world to nation have been systematically collected and written in the internet through the common engine search known as This is very interesting.

Knowing about various countries profiles, profiles of our leaders etc is added value on the Training of Internet to journalists in Tanzania. Feature writers like myself this is a big advantage.

Thanks VIKES, hope we are going to extend this informative and technological knowledge to our colleagues, especially GEMSAT as I said before, GEMSAT uses most of their activity on IT, even the theme of this year 16 Days of Activism was ‘Making IT Work for Gender Justice’. For more information about GEMSA and its chapters including Tanzania kindly visit

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